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Welcome to Barbers Point Helicopters. We specialize in providing unique, doors-optional helicopter tours Oahu.

Our simple goal is to share the beauty of our Hawaiian Islands in the most immersive helicopter experiences on Oahu. As a result, we have different options to perfectly fit your needs. Firstly, our doors off option will truly connect you to Oahu. Feel the wind in your hair and dangle your feet above Hawaiian waterfalls. Definitely not for the faint hearted. Next, put the doors on and immediately feel like you’re in first class. Leather seats, noise cancelling headsets and air conditioning create a relaxing and beautiful tour experience. Lastly, if you’re looking for the shot of a lifetime. You won’t be disappointed with our unique helicopter photography flights. Firstly, you can personalize your flight path. Then, we will spend the time required at each location to get the perfect shot!

All of our helicopter tours Oahu will make you feel like a rockstar without burning a hole in your pocket. Relax with the entire helicopter to yourselves. Thus adding a layer of comfort and glamour to your ride. In addition, every passenger will enjoy a window seat, noise canceling headsets and doors off option as standard. However, if you’re looking for a wilder ride, remember that we can always take the doors off. As a result, you will experience a truly immersive Hawaiian adventure…

helicopter tours oahu

Bring the beauty of Oahu into focus on one of our unique helicopter photography flights. Designed for all levels of photographer. To begin, an in depth briefing will help you create a personalized flight plan. Next, remove the doors and enjoy glare free shots. Finally, get home and fill your walls with some of your very own aerial shots of Oahu. Our gallery shows examples from some of our incredibly talented friends…

Photography helicopter tours Oahu

Learn about our Robinson R44 helicopters on the official Robinson website. Also, interested in learning to fly? Visit Barbers Point Flight School for flight training in Hawaii.